expert gamer explains why League of Legends has nothing to fear from DOTA

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expert gamer explains why League of Legends has nothing to fear from DOTA

We sat down with expert gamer Carlos Rodriguez, aka Ocelote, to focus on the transformations between the upcoming Dota 2, Blizzard DOTA, and League of Legends, his latest MOBA multiplayer on-line combat arena and career of choice.

League of Legends, developed via rebellion games and impressed by way of the Warcraft III protection of the Ancients DotA video game mod, has rocketed to success in ceme online view that its unencumber in late 2009. working on the whole unopposed up formerly, League of Legends is determined to face steep competition from Blizzard amusement’s Blizzard DOTA, and Valve’s Dota 2, with the aid of the creator of the original mod.

The 21-yr-old Rodriguez hails from Madrid, Spain, the place he acts because the captain of the skilled gaming crew, SK Gaming. professional-gaming and e-sports have develop into a doable career for many young gamers these days, and it’s practically the countrywide exercise in Korea, where StarCraft avid gamers are on par with famous US athletes.

GamesBeat: so that you’re the captain of SK Gaming — what does that mean to the layman?

Carlos Rodriguez: ok, so… I didn’t say, someday, okay, I’m the captain, here’s the way it is. The individuals on the team choose that. when you like a person, how he’s the chief of anything, how he manages the body of workers, how he talks to individuals… you then instantly make him the leader, you know? It’s now not like he mentioned, “I wish to be the chief.”

GamesBeat: What are your duties as captain?

Rodriguez: in particular, in-online game calls and stuff are being achieved between some americans on the team, so it’s no longer like me. In-video game, interior and stuff, it’s now not me. It’s all about, like when we go to a event, like before the video games, we talk and stuff, and i tell them this or that. Or speakme about organizations, they be aware of I’ve acquired contacts, they know how I take care of them. outside the online game stuff. I’m the captain for that, in fact.

GamesBeat: Do you focus on a couple of online game, or just one at the moment?

Rodriguez: at the moment I’m focusing best on League of Legends, because… We’ve bought so many tournaments going on resplendent quickly. We’re going to have, I suppose, 13 tournaments in less than eight months. It’s loopy, everywhere. I in reality are looking to be on the very properly degree, so at the moment I’m just investing my time in League of Legends.

GamesBeat: Don’t want to spread your self too skinny?

Rodriguez: Yeah, precisely.

GamesBeat: what is it about League of Legends? Why is that your one video game?

Rodriguez: i was taking part in Warcraft like 4 years in the past, i used to be definitely competing for SK as smartly. i finished up… I went to BlizzCon, I went to so many vital tournaments. and that i ended up considering the video game wasn’t decent sufficient to turn into an e-activity. I disappeared, in reality. So then i used to be simply looking ahead to a brand new online game to appear, a brand new e-sports game to seem, and League of Legends simply appeared. I saw potential within the game, I began enjoying it, and it really became simply concerning the biggest game on this planet presently. There’s nothing greater in terms of computing device or something. the most-played online game available. I think like it has so plenty skills nonetheless. I feel that for at the least 5, six extra years, League of Legends will stay because the most-played game in the world.

GamesBeat: so that you don’t are expecting any severe competitors from Dota 2, or Blizzard DOTA?

Rodriguez: I don’t suppose so. When Diablo III comes, when Dota 2 comes or something, it’s like… individuals will maintain taking part in this online game, as a result of… It’s funny. It’s like, going into an off-the-cuff game, then going into a very severe online game. What happens, there’s been so a good deal cash invested into the e-activities a part of this game, the funds’s every little thing, so the online game goes to be an e-game no count what. So many groups are investing money into it, that’s the factor. League of Legends goes to stay.

GamesBeat: what’s it concerning the gameplay of League of Legends that you simply consider is the secret ingredient?

Rodriguez: I consider it’s the unity, the team play. however there are so many factors collectively. I think like, if you’re good ample, if your game is decent ample… in case you get matched up against a pretty good crew, ok, if you play first rate adequate, play the excellent video game, the ultimate rating, you can raise the game by myself. but at the same time, if the opening crew is dropping in terms of kills, they could still come returned and take the video game with decent crew play, with teamwork. It’s a bunch of issues together that make the online game very delicious for a pro participant.

GamesBeat: however aren’t these all things that Heroes of Newerth or Blizzard DOTA would also have?

Rodriguez: I don’t comprehend… The issue is, I performed all off them. well, I didn’t play the Blizzard video game, I didn’t play that, however… I think all of them are type of the same, okay? they are likely more expert, likely, I’m not going to misinform you. but for the viewer, it’s not as enjoyable.

GamesBeat: You believe League of Legends is a bit greater attainable, a little more informal?

Rodriguez: Yeah, definitely. if you go out to a convention, to a event, which you can see how people gazing CS suits… There’s a crowd gathered, it’s fine. then you see StarCraft II, americans are hyped as neatly. then you definitely see a Dota 2 event, and people don’t even recognise what’s occurring. but then you see a League of Legends matchup, and also you definitely enjoy the online game, even though you don’t know anything else about it. You see anything is happening, each teams are fighting, there are towers round, so a great deal stuff going on. You have fun with it.

GamesBeat: How long is the general in shape?

Rodriguez: Between 25 and 35 minutes, i’d say. once in a while 20, sometimes it’s forty five or 50 even.

GamesBeat: Do you consider like 30 and past receives a little too long for the normal…?

Rodriguez: It relies upon, as a result of these forms of video games that go on too a lot, are the types of video games that every person wants to monitor, because they’re so humorous. The shoutcasters come to be with none voice, as a result of they’re doing all that yelling. those types of suits are so even, a in shape that goes on for 50 minutes goes to be glowing even stuff. That’s why it’s so delectable.

Carlos attended this week’s CES 2012 in Las Vegas, representing super Micro computers and their lineup of gaming-enabled workstations. that you may read more in our exclusive interview.

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